10 Ways to Celebrate Your 10th Anniversary

10th anniversary party ideas

Is your 10th anniversary approaching? Let one of these meaningful celebration ideas make it unforgettable!

1) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Party

A great way to celebrate your 10th anniversary is with an anniversary party. You can do a casual barbecue, dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a large bash somewhere special.

Use custom photo 10th anniversary invitations to set the stage for your 10th anniversary celebration.

10th anniversary
Blue Modern Squares 10Th Anniversary Invitation

With custom wording, your favorite photos, and a personalized design, your invites will double as keepsakes.

In addition to acting as momentos, your invite’s fonts, colors, embellishments, and paper stock will help relay your celebration’s unique theme to guests. For great anniversary party ideas and tips, take a peek at our Anniversary Party Guide and Budget-Friendly Anniversary Ideas posts.

2) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Celebrate Outdoors

Do you and your spouse enjoy the outdoors? If so, organize a weekend hiking or camping trip for your 10th anniversary. National and State Parks are a great places to camp, hike, and enjoy nature at its most pristine.

3) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Take a Tour

Depending on where you live, chocolate factories, breweries, museums, vineyards, capitol buildings, and even cheese factories can be toured. Ghost tours and city tours can also be fun and a little romantic. Check to see what tours are available in your area and see if there are any that pique you and your spouse’s interests.

10th anniversary
Couple relaxing in a vineyard.

4) 10th Annivesrary Ideas: Exchange Gifts

There’s no better way to celebrate 10 years of marriage than with a meaningful gift. The traditionally 10th anniversary gifts are made of tin or aluminum. Any spouse would appreciate a gift like an aluminum vase, espresso machine, or even an aluminum watch.

For more creative gift options, try planning a trip by plane or train. Or, purchase a few tickets for a helicopter tour in your own or a nearby city. Find more 10th anniversary gift ideas on Gifts.com.

5) 10th Anniversary Ideas: A Trip for Two

Taking a romantic trip for two is a great way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary. Consider traveling to a destination you’ve always wanted to see or keep things on the affordable side by taking a camping trip close to home.

10th anniversary ideas
Couple looking at a map.

Whichever you choose, the trip will give the two of you time to relax, reflect on the past 10 years, and work on plans for your future. Take a look at these 6 Romantic US Anniversary Trip Destinations and Best Honeymoon Destination posts for traveling tips and inspiration.

6) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Couples Classes

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Or maybe there’s something you would like to improve.  Whether you want to learn how to tango, speak French, or maybe lose some post-wedding weight, taking a class is a great means of doing so. Check out this post for 7 fun classes couples should take together.

7) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Reminisce

Watching your wedding video, reminiscing over wedding photos, or reenacting your first date are all great ways to celebrate your 10th anniversary — all of which will be sure to bring back a flood of fond memories.

10th anniversary
Couple watching their wedding video.

You can even create a photo book or scrap book including your favorite photos and memories the two of you have shared and give the book to your partner as a gift. Tie this 10th anniversary idea in with one of the others on this list.

8) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Cook

This option will not only save you money, but also give the two of you some quality alone time. You can cook an extravagant meal, something you’ve never made before, or a classic dish you’ve cooked a thousand times — it’s up to you!

After you’re finished cooking, prepare a romantic table setting and atmosphere with candles, fine china, and a meaningful soundtrack. After dinner, reflect on the past 10 year. You can also use this time to make future goals and plans and discuss where you see yourselves in the future.

9) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Eat Out

If you don’t feeling like slaving away in front of a stove on your 10th anniversary, celebrate by going out to eat at your favorite expensive restaurant instead. Get dressed up, so you look and feel great!

10th anniversary ideas
Couple having dinner.

Let the restaurant know ahead of time that it’s your 10th anniversary, maybe they can arrange something special. Order a bottle of champagne along with something delicious and toast to 10 happy years of marriage.

10) 10th Anniversary Ideas: Pack a Picnic

Is there a park, beach, or place that holds a lot of meaning to you and your spouse? Maybe a place you spent a lot of time when you first started seeing each other? If so, prepare a picnic, complete with a sandwiches, wine, and a blanket (a few candles also wouldn’t hurt for atmosphere!), and set up at a meaningful spot. Try setting up at evening so you can watch the sunset and maybe even stay till dark to watch the stars.

Hopefully these 10 10th anniversary ideas have left you feeling inspired! Is there anything we missed? Please let us know via the comment section below. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and have fun celebrating!

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