25th Anniversary Invitations – The Silver Celebration

Spending a quarter of a century in love is certainly cause for celebration. This milestone should be honored with a party to celebrate your love and commitment, and that party deserves the perfect custom 25th anniversary invitations. Your friends and family will be excited to share in your joy. Or perhaps it’s your parents celebrating this beautiful milestone and you’d like to honor them by hosting the event.

Because of its radiance and brilliance, the 25th wedding anniversary is referred to as the silver anniversary. These tips and ideas will help you create beautiful invitations you will take great pride in sending.

25th Anniversary Invitations: What’s your style?

Before you can determine the invitation wording that’s right for you, choose a template for the invitations. Shop around and decide on a style that fits the theme of your party. If you plan to host a black tie affair, you should select a more formal invitation. If the anniversary party will be an informal picnic or barbecue, choose something more casual. The invitations will set the tone for the party and make a fun keepsake for your loved ones.


Coral and Gray Flashback Memories 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Coral and Gray Flashback Memories 25th Anniversary Invitation by PurpleTrail.com


25th Anniversary Invitations: What are the details?

While it’s easy to get caught up in the design, the real point of your 25th anniversary party invitations will be to give your guests as many details as possible. Make sure your invitations include the following:



Place (with directions if needed)

Theme, if any

Food being served, if any (so your guests can plan to eat first if necessary)

Silver Happily Ever After Anniversary Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Silver Happily Ever After Anniversary Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com


If you’re hosting a party where you plan to surprise the happy couple, make sure the invitation clearly states that it’s a surprise so the guests don’t accidentally give it away. This article offers tips for surprise anniversary invitation wording.

Invitation etiquette rules state that it is in poor taste to mention presents on an invitation, even if you’re asking guests not to bring gifts. If possible, rely on word of mouth for that sort of information. Here is an example of detailed 25th anniversary party invitation wording:

You are warmly invited to join us
for a celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary.

May 29th at 8:00 PM
at the Country Club ballroom.
RSVP at 555-2674
Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served.

Once you’ve figured out the style of invitations that will best fit your party and all important details, it’s time to select the invitation wording.

25th Anniversary Invitations: Got creativity?

Incorporating a poem, love quote or fun phase into your wording will turn your 25th anniversary party invitations into cherished keepsakes as well as add a personal touch. There are plenty of websites dedicated to love quotes that will help inspire you. Here are some creative 25th anniversary invitation wording ideas:

Honoring a love that is pure and lasting….
You are invited to share in the celebration
of Bonnie and Bob’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Because you were there many years ago
to support us as we said our vows
we happily invite you to join us for a dinner party
as we celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss.

We’re thrilled to announce
that Paul and Pamela are still madly in love.
You are warmly invited by their son
to a dinner party to celebrate their 25 years of marriage.

Help us celebrate
a love that has stood the test of time.
You are warmly invited to join Amy and Tim for dessert and drinks
on their 25th wedding anniversary.

A quarter century of laughter and love
one beautiful daughter, their gift from above. 
Sarah and David invite you to join them for brunch
in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary.

We`ve walked hand-in-hand down the path of life
for 25 years as husband and wife!

Silver is the best conductor of any metal. 
Join us in honoring the electrifying love 
of Dawn and Richard
in celebration of their silver anniversary.

It’s hard to believe 25 years have gone by
since Sarah and Alex said “I do.”
They’re celebrating their silver anniversary
and they’d love to include you!

Celebrating a love as pure and lasting as silver! 
Please join us on our 
Silver Wedding Anniversary 
for dinner, dancing and sharing of memories.

We still do!
25 years ago we said our marriage vows. 
Please join us on August 5th at Dalton Gardens
as we renew them.

Like a fine wine,
Tessa and Henry’s love gets better with age.
Please join us for a wine and cheese reception
as we toast them on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Things are still sunny in their world!
The children of Josephine and Laird Wilson
warmly invite you to join them to celebrate
their 25th Wedding Anniversary 
with a day on the beach.
July 17th at 1:00 PM
Golden Gardens Beach Park
Light refreshments and desserts will be provided.

Since the day we met
our lives have had a silver lining.
Please join us for brunch to celebrate 
our silver wedding anniversary.

25th Anniversary Invitations: Going formal?

If you’re planning a formal vow renewal or a fancy reception, select more formal wording for your 25th anniversary invitations. Here are some samples of wording that would belong on a more elegant invitation:

The family and friends of 
Elizabeth and Eric Brown
request the pleasure of your company
at a luncheon held in celebration
of their 25th wedding anniversary.

We invite you to join our family
to be witnesses when
Joyce and Ben celebrate
25 years of marriage and strengthen their bond
with a renewal of their vows.
Formal reception to follow.

Together our parents have created
a beautiful world around us 
with their love and warmth.
You are cordially invited to join us
as we celebrate their 25 years of holy matrimony
with a catered dinner party.

When to order?

Make sure you send your 25th anniversary party invitations out early enough to give guests time to RSVP and make plans. Typically three to six weeks before the event is ideal. Make a guest list so you’ll know exactly how many invitations you need to order. Check out PurpleTrail.com to view their full collection of customizable wedding anniversary invitations.

With a little research and planning, you can create beautiful 25th anniversary invitations your guests will love.

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