30 Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

If your 30th wedding anniversary is approaching, use these fun, meaningful, and creative 30th wedding anniversary party ideas to embrace this milestone occasion! Mix and Match to have the best anniversary ever!

1) Throw a 30th Anniversary Party

Commemorate your 30 years together with all of your friends at a 30th anniversary celebration. Gather friends and family with cheap custom anniversary invitations from InviteShop.com. You’ll love their super low prices and great customization options!

30th wedding anniversary
Vintage Typographic Memories Anniversary Invitation

2) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Exchange Gifts

Giving one another a special gift is a great way to make your special day memorable. Since pearls are a traditional gift option for 30th wedding anniversaries, these beautiful pearl porcelain bowls will make great gifts for men and women alike. For less-traditional gift ideas, check out this fun and creative post on DIY Anniversary Ideas.

3) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Celebrate at Home

Don’t feel like hitting the town this year? Well, that’s okay. There are plenty of special ways to celebrate your anniversary at home. Romance your better half with a few of these fun, romantic, and creative anniversary at home ideas.

4) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Take a Trip

Taking a romantic trip for two is a great way to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. If you’re willing to travel abroad, take a peek at this list of swoon-worthy locales. For suggestions on great travel destinations in the US, explore this list of the most romantic places in America.

30th wedding anniversary
Watercolor inspired 30th anniversary invitation by InviteShop.com.

5) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Go Camping

Do you and your lover enjoy the outdoors? If so, organize a weekend camping trip for your 30th wedding anniversary. National and State Parks are a great place to camp, hike, and enjoy nature at its most pristine.  

6) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Take a Class Together

Take a romantic class together. Relationships are all about learning and doing new things together. Attending a class with your partner will give the two of you new skills and a shared hobby. From cooking classes to ballroom dancing, you have a variety of things to choose from.

7) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Vineyard Tour & Tasting

A perfect choice for a couple of wine aficionados, sipping on wine while touring a vineyard can be lots of fun as well as romantic. Toast to the 30 years you’ve shared while touring a nearby vineyard, or if you’re really a fan of wine, explore one of Napa Valley’s 7 Most Romantic Vineyards instead.

30th wedding anniversary
Now and Then Photo Anniversary Party Invitation

8) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Take a Road Trip

Reflect on the past thirty years on a romantic road trip for two. Travel somewhere the two of you have always wanted to see. Need inspiration? Check out Forbes’s list of Top 10 American Road Trips.

9) 30th Anniversary Ideas: BBQ 30th Anniversary Bash

Celebrate 30 years together with friends, family, and good food at a 30th wedding anniversary BBQ. Holding a laid-back BBQ in place of a tradition-formal anniversary celebration will save you money and stress.

10) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Stay at a Romantic Hotel

Shacking up in a romantic hotel is a great way to embrace your 30th wedding anniversary. From historic hotels to luxury hotels and spas to rustic resorts, there’s a hotel for every couples’ interests. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at our Most Romantic Historic Hotels post for ideas and inspiration.

11) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Compose Your Love

Write a romantic poem, love letter, or song for your significant other, that explains all of the reasons why you love them. You partner will be sure to treasure this meaningful gift and fall in love with you all over again.

Art Deco Pattern 40th Anniversary Invitation

12) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Go Stargazing

If you and your significant other have a thing for astronomy, celebrate your 30 years together under the sparkling night sky. Pack a bottle of wine, a blanket, and binoculars, find a spot with a good view, and let the romance begin.

13) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Go to a Concert

Do you and your partner love music? Celebrate 30 years of togetherness at a concert, musical, or ballet.

14) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Relive Your First Date

Fall in love all over again by recreating your first date. If you can, visit the location of your first date and act out what it was like, step by step. If you went to a movie and had pizza after, do just that. This will be sure to bring back touching memories!

15) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Have a Personal Photo Shoot

Holding a private photo shoot with a professional photographer for your 30th anniversary is great way to capture this special occasion forever. Have the photographer snap photos of you and your spouse at home, at their studio, or at place that hold sentimental value to you both.

30th wedding anniversary
Modern gold and white anniversary invitation by InviteShop.com.

16) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Watch Your Wedding Video

Pop some popcorn, fire up the VCR (if you still have one!), and experience the biggest day of your life all over again.

17) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Renew Your Vows

Remind yourselves of what you promised 30 years ago with a vow renewal ceremony. Invite all of friends and family or make it an intimate affair. Recite your original vows or write and share new ones, which reflect how you feel now. Hold a reception afterwards to celebrate.

18) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Recreate Your Proposal

Recreating your proposal can be a fun and meaningful way of celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary. Whether you go to the exact spot where he dropped to his knee, speak the same words, and celebrate just as you did before or you put a creative spin on your recreation, it’s  bound to be an emotional experience that will help the two of you remember what it was like when you were young and in love.

19) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Watch the Sunset

Find a romantic spot in the park and watch the sunset. Pack some wine, a blanket, and a picnic to make a date out of it.

20) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Start a Couple’s Journal

Couple’s journals can be a great way to communicate with your partner, as well as learn more about each other. Purchase an empty journal and take turns inscribing your thoughts, feelings, goals, and aspirations as a couple. Start by writing down all the reasons why you love your partner and how they complete your life. Ask them to do the same. 

21) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Movie Marathon

If you and your partner enjoy watching movies, prepare a lineup of your favorite flicks. Pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, turn down the lights, and get comfortable.

22) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Cook a Meal Together

Cook an extravagant meal with your partner. It can be your favorite dish, or something the two of you have never attempted to cook before. Embrace the experience and have fun while preparing the meal! Take out your fine china and nice table settings. Set up a few candles for atmosphere, put on your favorite romantic album, and enjoy the meal the two of you prepared together.

23) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Get Pampered

Check into a spa for the day or afternoon. Receive a couples’ massage and let things get steamy in the sauna.

30th wedding anniversary
Gold and gray 30th wedding anniversary by InviteShop.com.

24) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Tour a Garden

A beautiful bouquet of flowers will make for a lovely 30th anniversary gift. Or, you can bring your spouse to the flowers. Tour a nearby garden while reminiscing all the great times the two of you have shared over the past 30 years.

25) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Go to a Comedy Club

Couples who laugh together, stay together, so consider checking out an act at your local comedy club.

26) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Relax

Take off of work and cancel any appointments you might have that day. Relax at home with your spouse. Sharing quality alone time with one another is a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company on your 30th wedding anniversary.

27) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Start a Garden

Start a garden together and watch it grow. This will be fun to start and take care of together for years to come. The idea is symbolic of relationships, which flourish when each person nurtures and takes care of the other.

28) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Reflect on Your Wedding Photos

Look at your wedding photo album together. It will bring back scores of happy memories. If you have kids, have them join you. The will enjoy hearing about your special day.

29) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Go to a Fancy Restaurant

Celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary while indulging in fine food, wine, and service at a five star restaurant. Or, go to your favorite restaurant instead. Your meal doesn’t necessarily have to expensive, just so it’s memorable and special enough for the milestone occasion at hand.

30) 30th Anniversary Ideas: Make Plans Together

Reflect on all the great things the two of you have already achieved due to each other’s love and support. Then, together, dream up big plans for your future. Discuss where you want to live, what your dream house will be like, where you’d like to go on vacation, and any other aspirations you would like to achieve as a couple.

Share Your 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas!

Hopefully these 30th wedding anniversary ideas have left you feeling inspired. Do you have any great ideas that we didn’t mention here? Please share them with us via the comment section below! Congratulations and best of luck planning for your 30th wedding anniversary!


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