Fabulous 40th Anniversary Party Ideas

Forty years and still going strong. A 40th anniversary is a magnificent reason to celebrate. There’s a rich life of history to share and maybe even a few secrets to a long and happy marriage. If you are looking for some fun ideas to help you plan someone special’s 40th anniversary party, take a look at these fabulous 40th anniversary party ideas. From custom 40th anniversary invitations to food ideas, you’re sure to find some great inspiration.

 Anniversary Party Theme: Ruby

Since ruby is the traditional gift associated with a 40th wedding anniversary party, a ruby themed celebration would be a magnificent choice. Ruby red is a wonderful color for invitations, flowers, decorations and even food.

Anniversary Party Invitations

Set the tone with gorgeous anniversary party invites. You can find beautiful ruby red invitations that you can customize with photos and all the anniversary party details. Here are a few delightful invitation samples.

This circle card design from PurpleTrail is elegant. The filigree scrolls are the perfect accent to the ruby background. The circle card style also gives it a unique look. You can add your party details to the back of the invitation.

Ruby 40th Anniversary Party Invitation
Ruby 40th Wedding Anniversary by PurpleTrail.

Food and Drink

Your menu selections will likely depend on whether you want to have a formal party or not.  For a casual gathering light appetizers and a signature cocktail would be perfect. For a more formal gathering, consider a buffet or sit down meal. Be sure to include ruby red foods like strawberries, raspberries, and even cherry tomatoes. Cheesecake served with strawberry glaze would be a decadent dessert to have. Or even raspberry topped brownies. Cater to the crowd and time of day the celebration is being held.  You should have plenty of water, coffee, and tea on hand for non-drinkers.  Red wine is an obvious choice for drinks but you could also to a sparkling rosé. Serve drinks in red glasses and offer red plates and/or  flatware.


Guests will love seeing photos of the couple displayed. Create a photo table where you can showcase the couple’s favorite photos from now and then. Be sure to include photos of children, grandchildren, and even pets. Use either red linens accented with cream napkins or cream linens with red accents. Ruby red balloons as well as cream and red flowers will make lovely accents to tables. Gladiolus are the traditional flower associated with 40th wedding anniversaries so if those are in season, be sure to put a few stems on display.  Adorning the tables with faux red rose petals would also be a stylish accent. Be sure to also have a table for a guest book. Encourage guests to share their favorite memory of the couple.


While you have all the family pictures out, make a slide show to project on the wall at the party. Include wedding photos and significant life event photos to share with loved ones. Be sure to put your slideshow on a CD or thumb drive so the happy couple can enjoy it again later.  Having a live band is always a great thing but if that is outside your budget,  create a playlist of the couple’s favorite music, music that was popular when they were first married, and of course their first wedding dance song. Renting a photo booth is also a great way to keep guests entertained.  You can have guests add some of their photos to the guestbook too.

Party Favors

You don’t want the guests to leave empty handed! Photo coasters are a great party favor. Watch this video from Martha Stewart on creating your own photo coasters. Or, you can order photo coaster that you can insert your photo booth photos into. You could also order personalized candies like red M&Ms and place them in clear candy boxes. A pair of red votive candles wrapped in tulle would be great party favor too.

Cheers to the happy couple! Here’s to 40 more years of wedded bliss!



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