50th Anniversary Invitations – The Golden Years

Reaching a 50th wedding anniversary is a remarkable milestone in a marriage. Hosting a party for the happy couple will be a wonderful way to celebrate their lifetime of love. Creating beautiful custom 50th anniversary invitations will ensure that they are kept and cherished for years to come.

In medieval Germany, a husband would present his wife with a wreath of gold on their 50th wedding anniversary. Therefore, the 50th is considered the golden anniversary. To this day, the modern gift for a 50th anniversary is gold. These tips and ideas will help you create beautiful invitations for your 50th anniversary party that you will take great pride in sending.


Select your style

Will the happy couple’s golden anniversary party be traditional? Formal? Casual? Whatever style of bash strikes their fancy, you’ll want to make sure the invitations match the tone of the party.

Old Fashioned Gold Script Wedding Anniversary Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Old Fashioned Gold Script Wedding Anniversary Invitation by PurpleTrail.com


Include the details

While it’s easy to get caught up in the design, the real point of your 50th anniversary invitations will be to give your guests as many details as possible. Make sure your invitations include the following:



Place (with directions if needed)

Theme, if any

Food being served, if any (so your guests can plan to eat first if necessary)

If you’re hosting a party where you plan to surprise the happy couple, make sure the invitation clearly states that it’s a surprise so the guests don’t accidentally give it away. This article offers tips for surprise anniversary invitation wording.

Proper etiquette rules state that it is in poor taste to mention gifts on an invitation, even if you’re asking guests not to bring any. If possible, rely on word of mouth for that sort of information. Here is an example of completed 50th anniversary party invitation wording:

You are warmly invited to a party

for a celebration of Jane and Paul’s 50th anniversary.

May 29th at 8:00 PM
at the Country Club ballroom.
RSVP at 555-2674
Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served.


Add a personal touch

Adding a poem, a fun phrase or a love quote to your 50th anniversary party invitations is a great way to add a personal touch and give your guests something fun to read. Since half a century of marriage is quite a milestone, there’s certainly no shortage of 50th anniversary quotes to inspire you.

Here are some 50th anniversary party invitation wording samples:

Like a fine wine,
Sophia and Harold’s love has gotten better with age.
Please join us for a wine and cheese reception
as we toast them on their 50th wedding anniversary.

For 50 years they’ve walked through life
hand-in-hand as husband and wife.
Together they’ve built a love that’s true
and now we will honor the day they said “I do.”

They stood together side by side
he a handsome groom and she a beautiful bride.
Fifty years later their love is still strong,
so let’s toast them over dinner and dance all night long.

We’ve had fifty wonderful years of wedded bliss.
Please join us in a toast 
to the next fifty.

Together they found a friendship, raised a family,
and built a beautiful marriage.
You are most warmly invited by the children of
Bonnie and Bryan to a dinner party
in celebration of their parents’ golden wedding anniversary.

Things are still sunny in their world!
Together with their children and grandchildren,
Maria and Michael invite you to celebrate
their golden wedding anniversary
with a day on the beach.
July 17th at 1:00 PM
Don Cesar Beach Park
Light refreshments and desserts will be provided.

Celebrating a love as pure and lasting as gold!
Please join us on our 
Golden Wedding Anniversary 
for dinner, dancing and sharing of memories.

Honoring a love that is pure and lasting….
You are invited to share in the celebration
of Bonnie and Bob’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Half a century of laughter and love
three wonderful children their gifts from above. 
To honor their marriage, so good and so true
they’d love to celebrate with you!

Just like gold,
their love is pure and lasting.
The children of Elizabeth and James invite you
to join in the celebration of a love that still shines.

Help us celebrate
a love that has stood the test of time.
You are warmly invited to join Amy and Tim for dessert and drinks
on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Two flames still aglow after 50 years!
Cynthia and Kenneth Williams invite you
to a candlelit dinner in celebration
of their 50th wedding anniversary.


Formal invitation wording

If you decide to throw a formal affair for the happy couple’s golden anniversary, you’ll want to use more sophisticated wording on your invitations. Here are some formal anniversary celebration wording samples:

Together our parents have created
a beautiful world around us 
with their love and warmth.
You are cordially invited to join us
as we celebrate their golden anniversary
with a catered dinner party.

The honor of your presence is requested as
Mary and William Jones celebrate their
50th Wedding Anniversary
with a vow renewal ceremony
the tenth of August at three o’clock in the afternoon 
at Holy Bible Church.
Formal reception to follow. 

The children of Samantha and Robert Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at a luncheon held in celebration
of their 50th wedding anniversary.


Order the invitations

If you are hosting a 50th anniversary party for someone else, reach out to them (or to a close friend if it’s a surprise) to ensure you have a complete guest list. Give yourself plenty of time to send them to allow guests to have time to RSVP. Ideally, you should send the invitations out three to six weeks before the party. Select a quality party invitations website that will allow you to create the invitations you want. Have fun with the process and enjoy the party… a golden anniversary is very special! For more inspiration, check out our full collection of customizable wedding anniversary invitations on PurpleTrail.com.


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