8 Great Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything

anniversary gifts

Some married couples seem to have everything they could ever need, making anniversary gifts a challenge — even for family and close friends! That’s why we put together this helpful list of unique anniversary gifts. Each gift we’ve chosen for this list can either be personalized or carries a special anniversary sentiment that will touch the couple’s heart. Let’s take a closer look!

anniversary gifts

1.) Canvas Print of the Couple

One of the best anniversary gifts you can get is a professional portrait session paired with a fine canvas print of the couple celebrating their anniversary. Custom gift stores like PurpleTrail let you design your own custom canvas print by simply uploading your photos and pairing them with your choice of text and graphics.

anniversary gifts
Fifty Loving Years Canvas Print from PurpleTrail

You can use a single photo, like the example above, or use several photos to create a canvas photo collage, depending on the look you want. Another option is to do three canvas prints for a showpiece above the mantle or above the bed in the master bedroom. PurpleTrail offers designer services to help you create a one-of-a-kind canvas gift or canvas gift set.

2.) Anniversary Ice Cream Spoons

Anniversary ice cream spoons are a unique and clever way to honor a couple celebrating their anniversary. The custom pieces shown below by the Milk & Honey Luxuries shop on Etsy feature a special anniversary sentiment on a pair of table-ready, vintage silverware. The anniversary can be customized to a specific milestone, such as “5 years,” “10 years,” or “20 years,” etc.

anniversary gifts
Custom Anniversary Ice Cream Spoons from Milk and Honey Luxuries on Etsy

Perfect for ice cream lovers of all stripes, this gift will be an even bigger hit if you pair it with a gallon of the couple’s favorite ice cream flavor. The same Etsy shop also offers other custom anniversary sentiments on silverware, such as spoons with the message “5 Years Spooning Together.” This is one gift we can almost guarantee the couple won’t yet have!

3.) Custom Family Day Planner

For many married couples, the older they get, the busier they get. That’s why custom planners make such great anniversary gifts. Unlike generic stock planners, custom planners can begin on any month of the year, so couples won’t have to wait until next January to start using their new planner.

anniversary gifts
Classic Mint and Gold Frame Planner from PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail lets you personalize the front and back covers of the planner with your choice of photos, text, graphics, colors, and background design. PurpleTrail’s online store offers nearly 250 planner designs, or you can use the website’s helpful online design center to create something entirely new.

4.) Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are a fresh, modern take on the classic wine glass. This pair of stemless wine glasses from Uncommon Goods features a special sentiment spinning off of “to have and to hold.” Since you’re not giving the couple a full set of wine glasses, you don’t have to worry about the glasses taking up too much storage space, and since the glasses are stemless, they are more likely to fit on any sized shelf.

anniversary gifts
Have & Hold Stemless Wine Glasses from Uncommon Goods

Since many couples celebrate their anniversary with a glass of wine, they may even put the beautifully crafted wine glasses to use that very day. If the couple prefers bubbly over wine, Uncommon Goods also sells a similar pair of stemless champagne flutes.

5.) Custom Anniversary Mugs

Many married couples enjoy a cup of coffee together early in the morning before going about their day. That’s why custom mugs from PurpleTrail make such a great anniversary gift. You can use the website’s online design center to incorporate photos of the couple and any special anniversary wording you want to add to the sides of the mug.

anniversary gifts
Black Then And Now Anniversary Mug from PurpleTrail

One of our favorite options for custom anniversary mugs is a “then and now” style, like the one shown above. Simply scan in an old photo of the couple on their wedding day and upload a newer photo of the couple to create a special memento that the couple can enjoy with their morning cup of joe.

6.) Personalized Cutting Board

A handsome wood cutting board personalized with the couple’s name or monogram is an anniversary gift that’s as beautiful as it is practical. After all, you’d be surprised how long married couples go without replacing their old, beat-up cutting boards. However, you may find that cutting boards as beautiful as the one below (from the Circle City Design Co Etsy shop) may end up as a display piece in the couple’s kitchen rather than for actual cutting!

anniversary gifts
Personalized Cutting Board from Circle City Design Co on Etsy

The board shown above comes in two types of wood (maple and walnut) and in a variety of sizes and styles. You can order an arched cutting board design like the one above, a board with a side handle, or a classic rectangle. It’s the sort of gift that’s sure to get some oohs and ahhs at an anniversary party.

7.) Custom Family Wall Calendar

Wall calendars don’t typically scream “anniversary gift,” but a custom family wall calendar from PurpleTrail is so much more than just a calendar. First of all, each month of the calendar can be customized to feature a different family photo. Secondly, each date in the month can be personalized with family details, such as birthdays, reunions, and — you guessed it — anniversaries.

anniversary gifts
Colorful Striped Bar Wall Photo Calendar from PurpleTrail

Last but not least, the front cover of the wall calendar can be customized with a special happy anniversary sentiment, a photo of the couple, and your choice of background. A custom wall calendar featuring a different family photo for each month is the perfect gift for a couple who values their family above all else. Custom wall calendars can also start on any month of the year, so the couple doesn’t have to wait until next January to start using it.

8.) Engraved Anniversary Wine Box

An engraved wine box filled with the couple’s favorite wine is a beautiful and thoughtful gift the couple will love. The wine box example below, from the Arrow Sarah Etsy shop, holds three bottles of wine and is hand-engraved with a loving sentiment. The same Etsy shop offers wine boxes for single and double bottles of wine, depending on how many bottles you intend to gift.

anniversary gifts
Anniversary wine box from Arrow Sarah on Etsy

Since the wine box is completely custom and made to order, you can opt to have your own special anniversary sentiment and embellishments engraved. Simply communicate your needs to the seller.


We hope this list inspires you to find the perfect anniversary gift for that special couple in your life that seems to have everything.

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