Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents: Invites, Decorations, & Themes

anniversary party ideas for parents

Planning an anniversary party for your parents is a great way to show them how much their dedication and love for each other means to you. Whether it’s your parents 10 year anniversary or 50th anniversary, you can use these anniversary party ideas for the offspring to organize an amazing anniversary celebration your parents will never forget! From venues down to the anniversary invites, read on!

Where to start?

The first thing you will need to do when planning an anniversary party, whether it’s for your parents, grandparents, or yourself, is to determine your budget. After you have an idea of how much you have to spend, you’ll know how many people you can afford to invite, how much you can spend on a venue, and whether or not you’ll need to ask friends and family for additional party funds.

anniversary party ideas for parents
Anniversary party chalkboard welcome sign. Photo courtesy of

You’ll also want to give yourself ample time to plan for your parents’ anniversary party, so start planning a few months in advance — especially for large parties where you’ll need to reserve a venue. For tips on what kind of anniversary party to plan, take a look at our 9 Great Anniversary Celebration Ideas post.

Anniversary Party Venues

Your budget will give you an idea of how many guests you can invite and how much you have to spend on a venue. You can save yourself money by holding your parents’ anniversary party at your home or at an outdoor venue like park.

Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents
Cute picnic set up for an outdoor anniversary party for parents.

Even restaurants can make for affordable party venues. Look into different options until you find one that works with your timetable and budget. Check out our Anniversary Party Venues post for more venue tips and inspiration. For a list of super unique venues, check out this America’s Most Unique Venues post.

Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents

After you are aware of who you’re inviting and you have reserved a venue, you can determine your anniversary party’s theme and what type of party it will be. You should determine whether you want your anniversary party be a surprise anniversary party and whether you would like it to be formal or casual.

Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents
Cute anniversary party decoration idea! Photos attached to floating balloons. Photo courtesy of

A great way to make choosing a theme easier is to choose a theme that matches the couple of honor’s tastes or interests. The theme could also correspond to the time of year or even to the amount of years your parents have been together. If it’s there 50th anniversary, for instance, your theme and palette could be gold.

Popular anniversary themes range from laid-back, casual luau themes and fun decade party themes to formal dinner party themes, among many others. You can take a look at our Anniversary Party Guide post and our Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents Pinterest board for more theme ideas and inspiration.

anniversary party ideas for parents
Cute DIY photo garland! Photo courtesy of

After you have your anniversary party theme selected, purchase anniversary party decorations that match your theme and palette. A few simple anniversary decorations you can use to spruce up any kind of party are: photo boards, DIY signs and banners, flowers, and balloons.

Since your parents’ anniversary will be all about commemorating the time the two have shared together, you should make photos a big part of your celebration. Place photo albums of your parents throughout your venue so guests can see all of the great things your parents experienced together. You can even turn your photos in decorations by creating DIY photo garland or a DIY anniversary photo board. Possibilities are endless!

Anniversary Party Invitations

After your venue is reserved and your guest list is finalized, next thing to worry about are your anniversary party invitations. Since your parents’ anniversary party is such a milestone occasion, we recommend making their anniversary party invitations extra special by creating them yourself online.

Gold And Black Modern Banner 50Th Anniversary Invitation

There are variety of online card and invitation companies that allow you to personalize pre-designed anniversary invitation templates or create your own anniversary invitations from scratch with an easy-to-use card/invitation maker.

On you can use their design software to add photos and custom wording to your anniversary party invitations, along with your choice of fonts, backgrounds, and embellishments. Adding photos to your anniversary invitations can be a great way to showcase how far your mom and dad have come since they first met.

They even have unique Now and Then Anniversary Invitations and fun Timeline Anniversary Invitations that allow you tell a story with photos on your anniversary invitations. If you want to show off a lot of photos and special memories, opt for one of PurpleTrail’s beautiful 8-paged booklet anniversary cards, like the one featured at the top of this post. They offer plenty of space for photos, event details, and more.

Summer Floral 40Th Wedding Anniversary Invitation even lets you design corresponding envelopes, envelope liners, address labels, and RSVPs to go along with your anniversary party invitations, which we recommend doing. A matching stationery set will leave a positive impression on guests and give your anniversary party the striking entrance it deserves.

You can also make your anniversary party invitation more special, and long-lasting, by printing them on durable card stock paper. If you really want your anniversary party invitation to last, print them on custom magnets.

Your anniversary party invitations should be sent to guests about two or three weeks before your celebration. If you for some reason you are short on time, on some custom card invitation companies you can opt for a mailing service option where they will send your anniversary party invitation directly to guests for you.

Hopefully these anniversary party ideas for parents have left you feeling inspired! Good luck planning for your parents’ anniversary party and make sure to explore the rest of the posts on for more ideas and inspiration!

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