Budget-Friendly Anniversary Party Ideas

A wedding anniversary is a special milestone worthy of celebrating with a wonderful party. But the party expenses can really add up, leaving the couple or the host with nearly as much debt as the wedding itself. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to have a beautiful, elegant anniversary party on a reasonable budget. These budget-friendly anniversary party ideas, from affordable anniversary invitations to inexpensive decorations, will help you give a couple the honor and recognition they deserve without breaking the bank.

anniversary party ideas

Budget-Friendly Anniversary Party Ideas

Your first step will be to brainstorm anniversary party ideas and create your vision. If the couple in question likes to keep things casual, a picnic in the park will be an enjoyable experience. If they love to dance, consider renting a banquet hall or ballroom. Your vision for the party will help you determine where the money in your budget should go. After all, if the happy couple considers themselves foodies, you won’t want to blow your budget on fancy decor and a professional DJ only to serve cheese and crackers. Keep their interests and passions in mind and plan their party accordingly.

Budget-friendly Anniversary Party Themes

When it comes to anniversary party ideas, picking a theme for your party will make the entire planning process much easier. Some themes are definitely more expensive than others, though, and may require more of a budget than you’d bargained for. Luckily, between DIY decorations and inexpensive anniversary invitations, you can easily have a themed anniversary party without going into debt. Here’s a list of some budget-friendly anniversary party theme ideas:

  • Hawaiian / luau. This theme is ideal for an outdoor summer party, but with the right level of planning any venue can be turned into a tropical paradise. Luau decorations are cheap, and with so many vibrant colors, a little bit of decorating will go a long way.
  • Mexican fiesta. Like luau decor, there is an abundance of affordable fiesta decor available. And in addition to being delicious, good quality Mexican food can be made or purchased without costing a lot of money.
  • Paris. One would think a Parisian-themed party would cost a fortune, but a budget-friendly Paris party will be a breeze to pull off. Just decorate with Damask print, which looks sophisticated, and bake some pastries yourself (or enlist the help of a trusted baker friend). If the couple loves Paris or has always wanted to visit, this theme is a perfect pick.
  • Game night. Since most people own a set of playing cards and at least one board game, this may be one of the cheapest anniversary party ideas of all. Just set up some card tables, add in some simple decor, serve finger foods and have an entertaining evening.
  • Silver or gold. For silver anniversaries (25th) and golden anniversaries (5oth), having a silver or gold party theme is a fun way to mark the milestone. Both of these hues radiate elegance already, so you can decorate your venue with some sparkle without breaking the bank.

Budget-Friendly Anniversary Party Invitations

anniversary party invite
Damask Border 10th Anniversary invite by Invite Shop.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, selected an appropriate venue and decided on a date, it’s time to send out your anniversary party invitations. Invitation expenses can really add up, so make sure you’ve completed your guest list so you don’t order too many. InviteShop.com has beautifully designed anniversary party invitations that start at just $0.59 and are fully customizable. No one will ever know you didn’t spend a fortune having them professionally designed. If you’d like to save even more money, you can invest in some craft materials and make DIY anniversary party invitations or send free online invites from PurpleTrail.com.

Make sure your party invitations clearly state the date, time, location, theme and any other necessary details. If possible, send out your invites about four weeks in advance to give everyone proper notice. And remember, if you’re throwing a surprise party for the happy couple, make sure the invitations say so!

 Budget-Friendly Anniversary Party Decorations

Decorating for your anniversary party doesn’t have to devastate your budget. If you’re having a theme, you can add a few simple pieces that tie the decor into the theme, Otherwise, simply pick a color scheme and pick out decorations in those hues. Coordinated colors will add instant elegance to the party and make it look lovely without costing a fortune.

Whether you’re having an informal buffet or a formal seated dinner, make sure your tables have beautiful centerpieces. Luckily, gorgeous centerpieces can easily be made on the cheap. They can be as simple as a single flower inside an upside down wine glass, fresh flowers in mason jars, or rose petals and votives floating in glass vases. This list of last-minute centerpieces in Real Simple Magazine offers some excellent suggestions as well.

In addition to beautiful party tables, try and have some decor that will honor the couple at their anniversary party. For the cost of developing 30-60 black and white photos, you can create a beautiful photo collage or two that everyone will love. You can also tie photos to ribbons hanging from helium-filled balloons on the ceiling, resulting in some dangling memories set in a unique display. This tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful memory wreath that you can give to the couple of honor as a gift after the party. These creative anniversary party ideas will put a personal touch on your celebratory soiree.

Paper lanterns, string lights, small candles and dried flowers are all things that can be used to add fancy flair to your anniversary party that also happen to be inexpensive. Just take your venue into consideration (a garden party, for example, will need very little decor as it will already be beautiful), envision the outcome you desire and browse craft stores and websites for deals.

Budget-Friendly Anniversary Party Favors

If you’re on a tight budget, many people will suggest eliminating party favors all together. But sending guests home with a little souvenir of the lovely time they had is a great way to thank them for coming and will give them a little memento of the milestone. There’s no need to go all out and spend a fortune on your anniversary party favors. Here are some affordable ideas:

  •  Bake sugar cookies, frost them and embellish them with the couple’s initials. Package them in pretty bags with elegant ribbon and gift tags.
  • Personalized champagne flutes (these can be found for under $2 each online)
  • Take a Polaroid photo of each guest with the couple of honor. As they leave, give the guests their photo inside a frame.
  • Give each guest a heart-shaped cookie cutter wrapped in a pretty bag with a sugar cookie recipe and a tag that says, “Diana and David are truly cut out for each other.”
  • Personalized matchboxes with a note about how the happy couple always keeps their flame aglow

Use these budget-friendly anniversary party ideas to give the happy couple in your life the party of their dreams. Have fun and enjoy the party!

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