Fifth Anniversary Invitations – Find the Right Words

It may not be a milestone, but five years of wedded bliss is certainly cause for celebration. Perhaps you’ve made some new friends who couldn’t be there for your special day, or maybe you’ve faced some obstacles as a couple and would like to celebrate overcoming them. Whatever your reasons, people always love a party and will enjoy honoring your love on your fifth anniversary. These tips and ideas will help you create the perfect fifth wedding anniversary invitations.

Floral Heart 25th Anniversary Invitation by
Floral Heart 25th Anniversary Invitation by


Select your style

Hosting a swanky soiree with a catered meal and fancy cocktails? A more formal party invitation will be your best bet. An afternoon barbecue warrants a casual party invitation. If you’re having a theme party, like a luau or Old Hollywood, choose and invitation that will fit the theme.

You may choose to get creative with your anniversary party invitations. Blue, pink and turquoise are the colors associated with a fifth anniversary, so you could design invitations in those hues. The daisy is the official flower of the fifth wedding anniversary, so you could create invitations with daisies on them. Since wood is the traditional fifth anniversary gift, you could put something on the invitations about how your love has grown like a tree.

Once you’ve selected your invitation style, it’s time to decide on the anniversary invitation wording.


Faux Glitter Big Confetti Anniversary Invitation by
Faux Glitter Big Confetti Anniversary Invitation by


It’s all in the details

The party invitations are meant to provide your guests with as much information as possible. In your excitement over the party planning, it’s easy to forget to include some details on your anniversary party invitations. Make sure your fifth anniversary invitations include the following:



Place (with directions if needed)

Theme, if any

Food being served, if any (so your guests can plan to eat first if necessary)

It may seem like a lot of information to fit on a small invitation, but it can be done with ease:

Please join us as we celebrate
our fifth wedding anniversary over brunch.
June 25th at 12 PM
at Salty’s restaurant in the back room.
Brunch, coffee, tea and mimosas will be provided.

Five years ago we said “I Do”
and now we’d like to celebrate with you!
Please join Pam and Paul for an anniversary party
August 5th at 8 PM
at The Manor
Enjoy dinner, drinks and dancing
RSVP at 867-5309

Classic etiquette states that it is considered bad taste to mention gifts on anniversary party invitations, even if you’re requesting that guests not bring them. This is only true for formal invitations, but try to rely on word of mouth for gift information, if possible. The same is true for requesting a child free event.

Have fun with your wording

Incorporating a poem, love quote or fun phrase will turn your fifth anniversary invitations into cherished keepsakes as well as add a personal touch. There are plenty of websites dedicated to love quotes that will help inspire you. Here are some fifth anniversary invitation wording ideas:

Half a decade down, a lifetime to go!
Please join us for dinner as we celebrate
our fifth wedding anniversary.

We invite you to share in our joy
as we celebrate five years of wedded bliss
with a cocktail reception at the Century Ballroom.

Honoring a love that is pure and lasting….
Join us for a fifth anniversary party
as we celebrate Janine and John.

Because you were there five years ago to share in our joy
we invite you to dinner at our home
to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

We eloped to Hawaii to say our vows
on a white sandy beach next to water so blue…
it was perfect in every way,
except we missed all of you!
Please join us for a luau reception
to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.

Five years ago we said our vows
and became husband and wife
please join us for dinner to celebrate
the commitment we made for life.

Their marriage has, with age,
improved like fine wine…
and now, it`s celebration time!

Five years later, still going strong!
The honor of your presence is requested
at Anne and Adam’s anniversary party.

As our dear friend
who has supported us from the beginning
we’d love it if you’d join us 
in celebrating five years of holy matrimony.

We’re celebrating five years of marriage
with a five course dinner!
The honor of your presence is requested.

The family and friends of 
Lisa and Brian Jones
request the pleasure of your company 
at a dinner party held in celebration of 
their five years of marriage.

Love never fails…
The family of Amy and Justin
cordially invites you to a luncheon
in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary.

Order the invitations

Once you’ve decided on your style and wording, and after all relevant information has been added, it’s time to order your custom anniversary party invitations. Make a guest list so you’ll know exactly how many to order. Find an invitation website with a good reputation that will allow you to create the look you want. Give yourself plenty of time to send them early–etiquette rules say three to six weeks before the party is ideal. With a little research and planning, you can create beautiful fifth anniversary party invitations your guests will love.



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