Surprise Anniversary Party Invitations and Wording Ideas

There’s nothing more beautiful in life than lasting love. Reaching a milestone anniversary is worthy of a celebration with family and friends. Treating the couple to a surprise anniversary party is a wonderful, generous gift that will create memories they will always cherish. These tips will help you create surprise customizable anniversary party invitations with wording that lets everyone know it must stay a secret until the big day.

Select your style

Before you can determine the invitation wording that’s right for you, choose a template for the anniversary party invitations. Some invitation websites have designs to choose from, some allow you to create your own. Shop around and decide on a style that fits the theme of your surprise party. If you plan to host a swanky soiree, you should select a more formal invitation. If the surprise anniversary party is a backyard barbecue, choose something more casual. The invitations will set the tone for the party and make a fun keepsake for the guests of honor.

Make the “surprise” part clear

The last thing your party guests will want to do is ruin the surprise for the couple of honor. You can easily prevent that by stating clearly on the invitation that the party must be kept secret. If you choose a card-style invitation, put a phrase on the front and restate it on the inside.


Lantern Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation by
Lantern Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation by


This anniversary party invitation does a good job of clearly stating that the event will be a surprise.

Here are some samples of wording for the front of the party invitations:

It’s time to celebrate… and it’s a surprise!
Can you keep a secret?
Top Secret
Join us for a surprise celebration of love.
You’re invited to a surprise anniversary party!

List the details

Since the guests won’t be able to ask the couple about the anniversary party, listing every possible detail on the invitations will be important. In addition to the obvious information like date, time and location. If it’s a dinner party, consider including the menu so that guests with dietary restrictions can plan accordingly. Create a special email address for RSVPs or let people know they should call you, not the happy couple.

Here are a few sample of detailed surprise anniversary party invitation wording:

Please join us in the surprise celebration
of Amy and Ken’s 25th wedding anniversary
June 25th, 7 PM at The Manor.
A buffet dinner and beverages will be served.
Amy and Ken will arrive at 8 PM.
Remember, it’s a surprise!

You are warmly invited to a surprise party
honoring Bonnie and Bob’s 30th anniversary.

Put on your sun hats… we’re having a luau bbq
to celebrate the vows Bonnie and Bob exchanged in Maui!
The happy occasion will take place at Cascade Park
at 2 PM on Saturday, May 25th.
RSVP with their daughter Bailey at 555-2614.

Remember, this is a surprise party!

Add a fun phrase

Including a short phrase, poem, quote or saying is a wonderful way to personalize your invitations. You can write your own or include a famous passage that reminds you of the couple’s relationship. There are plenty of websites dedicated to love quotes you can use for inspiration. Here are some samples of poems and phrases to put on your surprise anniversary party invitations:


The same words, the same hearts
but wiser, somehow
The same vows, the same faith
but deeper, now
As we turn to each other
again, we are sure
Love doesn’t wait, it gets better.

Two flames still aglow
after all these years.
Tina and Tim Thompson
will celebrate the anniversary of their marriage
….and it’s a surprise!

Together they have found a friendship, raised a family,and built a beautiful marriage
You are invited by the daughter of Leslie and Bill Brown
to attend the celebration of the happy couple’s 50th anniversary.
This joyous occasion is also a surprise!

Because you have enriched their lives
with your friendship and love
we invite you to join
in the surprise celebration of the
25th wedding anniversary
of our parents, Ashley and Robert.

The wine is poured
and the table is set
for a surprise anniversary party
you`ll never forget.

They’ve walked together down the path of life
for 40 years as husband and wife!

A terrific party is planned
to celebrate the day they said “I do”
but please don’t tell the happy couple…
…they don’t have a clue!

Please join us for lunch
to surprise the fine pair
and celebrate the love they still share.

Like a fine wine,
Samantha and Harlin’s love gets better with age.
Please join us for a wine and cheese reception
to surprise them on their 30th wedding anniversary.

Timing is everything

Once you’ve decided on your wording and included all relevant information, it’s time to order your invitations. Make sure you order them early enough to have plenty of time to send them so guests can RSVP. Select a website with fast shipping options. Create a guest list ahead of time so you’ll know how many invitations to order. Since you will be surprising the couple with the anniversary party, this may require some effort. Ask the people closest to them who you should invite so that no one gets excluded by mistake.

With a little research and planning, you will create beautiful invitations for your surprise anniversary party that the couple of honor will be able to save as a keepsake for years to come. Check out our complete collection of custom wedding anniversary invitations for more inspiration.




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