Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Be Inspired

Your wedding anniversary is your special, personal holiday for two. In addition to planning a fun date night or a milestone party, you’ll naturally be thinking of the perfect gift to buy for your sweetie. Whether you go for a traditional gift, modern gift or something totally unique, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for wedding anniversary gift ideas here.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


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Despite the so-called “honeymoon phase,” the first year of marriage can be tough. Starting a new life together means learning to accept another person for who they are, faults and annoying habits and all. The first wedding anniversary marks the end of the “newlyweds” phase. You’re likely more comfortable around each other, more accepting of each other and hopefully more in love than ever before.

Traditional Gift: Paper

Paper is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary. This gives you the option to get creative, as paper is very versatile. Here are just a few first wedding anniversary gift ideas that involve paper:

  • Frame your marriage certificate, or create a collage of your favorite wedding photos. 
  • Choose your favorite photos from your wedding, honeymoon or first year together. Create homemade coasters you and your sweetie can enjoy for years to come. Check out the tutorial from The Frugal Girls.
  • Create a custom booklet card with special photos and memories from your first year of marriage.
  • Buy a large map and pin point all the places you’ll go together.
  • Buy an art print you know your spouse will love.

You can also create love coupons, buy them a book, or get a gift certificate to a day spa or salon.

Modern Gift: Clocks

The modern gift suggestion for a first anniversary is clocks. Of course, an engraved watch makes a beautiful and much-appreciated gift. If your spouse already has a favorite watch, or if you’d like to get creative, here are more modern first wedding anniversary gift ideas:

  • Buy a personalized photo frame wall clock and fill the frames with photos from your first year of marriage. 
  • An alarm clock makes a thoughtful gift. To avoid awakening to an annoyed partner, buy one that has a soothing, gradual wake-up option.
  • If you’ve got a big budget, find a beautifully made antique clock or even a grandfather clock for the ultimate anniversary gift.
  • Pick out a decorative wall clock you know your sweetie will love.
  • Show your humorous side by picking out a funny clock… one that says “5:00 somewhere” or “Whatever” will make a great conversation piece.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


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It may not be a milestone (though you may choose to throw a party anyway with these great 5th anniversary invitation wording ideas), but half a decade of married bliss is certainly worth celebrating. Here are some traditional and modern fifth anniversary gift ideas:

Traditional Gift: Wood

Wood was selected as the traditional fifth wedding anniversary gift because wood represents strength and a solid relationship. Since wood is stable and sturdy, it makes a wonderful anniversary gift. Here’s a little inspiration:

  • A wooden salad bowl and serving utensils will make a lovely addition to your dinner table.
  • Wooden jewelry, such as a bracelet for her and a wooden ring for him.
  • Buy a wooden coffee table together.
  • Treat them to a wooden jewelry box or wooden keepsake box.
  • Go green and plant a tree together. Just like your love, it will grow over time with proper nourishment.

Modern Gift: Silverware

Silverware is the modern gift for a fifth wedding anniversary. While a new set of tableware makes a fine and practical gift, you’ve got plenty of other options if you want to go the modern route.

  •  Collect a silver dollar from every year you’ve been married to give to your sweetie.
  • Silver cuff links for him, silver earrings for her.
  • Silver champagne flutes, so you can toast to your love.
  • Serve your spouse breakfast in bed on a new silver serving tray.
  • Get creative with a silverware sculpture.

 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


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The 10th anniversary is considered the first major milestone in a marriage. By now you may have had children, bought a home or moved around, and you’ve certainly shared in life’s joys and heartaches together. Make sure you select a special gift to show your sweetheart they’re still the one for you.

Traditional Gift: Tin / Aluminum

Tradition states that tin or aluminum is an appropriate wedding gift. The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable. Tin and aluminum can both bend without being broken, just like your love. They can also make wonderful anniversary gifts.

  • If your spouse is into antiques and vintage decor, shop around for some special vintage tins.
  • The 10th anniversary flower is the daffodil. If they’re in season, get a beautiful bouquet of daffodils and put them in a tin or aluminum can or vase.
  • A beautiful pair of tin candlesticks to help decorate the dinner table.
  • An aluminum wine cover to keep your bottle of bubbly or vino chilled.
  • A tin or aluminum cookie jar filled with tasty treats.

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

The modern suggestion for a 10th anniversary gift is diamond jewelry. Needless to say, this suggestion is a favorite of wives everywhere. Here are some sparkly ideas:

  • Tell her she’ll always have the key to your heart with a diamond key pendant from Tiffany’s. 
  • Aside from the diamond, the official gemstone of the 10th anniversary is the sapphire. Score double points with a diamond and sapphire pendant.
  • For him, go for some tasteful diamond-studded cufflinks.
  • Either spouse would love to receive a watched that’s decked out in diamonds.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, set up a diamond-themed dinner party for the two of you and a few close friends. Use diamond ring napkin holders, silver tableware and decorate the room with sparkly lights. Buy a diamond-shaped cake. Dress in black and silver. This will be a beautiful way to spend an anniversary without spending a fortune on diamond jewelry.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The 25th wedding anniversary is a time of celebration indeed. Consider hosting a party with custom anniversary invitations since your friends and family will likely want to join you and honor your lasting love. The 25th anniversary is called the silver anniversary because of silver’s luster and shine.

Traditional And Modern Gift: Silver

Silver is the traditional and modern gift suggestion for a 25th wedding anniversary. Silver is very versatile, so when it comes to presents, the possibilities are practically endless. Here are a few ideas:

Budget-friendly silver gifts:

  • A silver frame holding a beautiful photo of the two of you
  • A silver engraved scrapbook full of photos and memories
  • Silver spoon art work – get a great tutorial here.
  • Silver smart phone cases
  • An engraved silver money clip for him

Other silver gift ideas:

  • A silver espresso maker
  • A silver watch
  • Matching engraved silver rings
  • A silver infinity bracelet
  • Silver photo bookends

 5oth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


golden anniversary sign
Elegant Gold 50th wedding anniversary invitation by PurpleTrail.

The 50th wedding anniversary is a beautiful and rare milestone. At this point, you’ve spend the majority of your life as a married couple! The 50th anniversary is called the golden anniversary because of the beauty and rarity of gold. A lasting love like yours is worthy of a celebration as well as beautiful, golden gifts.

Traditional And Modern Gifts: Gold

Needless to say, the recommended gift for this special occasion is gold. Here’s a little inspiration for some golden anniversary gifts:

Budget-friendly gold gifts:

  • A gold serving dish.
  • An engraved gold scrapbook full of photos and memories.
  • A gold keepsake box filled with reminders of your past: concert ticket stubs, restaurant receipts and boarding passes.
  • A golden tea set.
  • Gold bathrobes and slippers for luxurious lounging.

Other gold gifts:

  • Matching gold rings
  • Gold cufflinks for him
  • A gold necklace for her
  • Gold-dipped roses
  • Golden flatware so you can dine like royalty.

Every marriage is unique, so select a gift that will be meaningful to your sweetheart and memorable for both of you. However you choose to recognize the occasion, celebrate each other, your good fortune and your true love.

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